Aqua Green 300 LPH UV

Product Description

Aqua Green 300 LPH UV Water Purifier is one of the 5 stage Ultra-Violet Water purification system with the filtration capacity of 300 Liters Per Hour, which is suitable for school/college, offices 

300 LPH Commercial UV water purifier

Advanced Commercial UV sterilizers cum UV water purifiers based on 5 stage technology specially fabricated on demand for 300LPH (Liters Per Hour) water requirement. Products required in labs, schools and Commercials premises. Also Deals in: B-top UV water purifier | 3 stage aluminum water purifier | Advanced 5-stage UV water purifier

  • Purifies up to 300 Liters in one hour.
  • Smart 20W UV Protection.
  • Works only with electricity.
  • Full fills the demand of drinking water in school, college, organization.
  • 20" High Capacity Cartridge.
  • Wall Mounted Option to save the space.

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