Livpure Bio-Care

Product Description

The Livpure BioCare Water Purifier is an excellent product from Luminous Water Technologies Pvt Ltd. It is a world class modern portable water system. It makes use of excellent purification features to give you healthy drinking water that is completely devoid of all bacteria, viruses and impurities. This water purifier utilizes the highly efficient RO technology to deliver water with a purification capacity of 8 litres per hour. It has a pre-filter cartridge that is used when water turbidity is greater than 10 ntu. The purifier is an electric purifier requiring input voltage of 220V AC (50Hz) and an operating voltage of 24V DC.

This water filter uses 4 purification stages. It makes use of reverse osmosis (RO) and ultra-filtration (UF) technology for providing highly clean drinking water. It has a filter that includes activated carbon filter, post carbon filters, optional pre-filter and sediment filter. It has a 50 GPD RO Membrane and has a purification capacity of up to 8 litres/ hour. The RO membrane removes microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria, parasites, protozoa from the water. It also reduces heavy metals like arsenic, dissolved salts, pesticides and hardness from the water. A pre-filter cartridge in this purifier helps if water has a turbidity of more than 10 ntu. It helps in filtering macro molecules turbidity, suspended particles and large non-dissolved particulate matter. It equips an ultra-filtration membrane of minimum pressure of 0.3kg/ and maximum pressure of 3.0kg/ The water passing through the UF membrane ensures triple purity.

  • 6 stage purification process
  • Elegant & sleek design
  • Power ON, Purification process and Tank full indication
  • Taste Enhancer
  • Ultraviolet Disinfection column
  • Effective tank storage capacity of 7 litres
  • Wall mounted installation
  • Purification capacity up to 12 liters per hour.
Purification Capacity 8 Ltr per hour
Max. Duty Cycle Upto 40 Ltr
Storage Tank Capacity 8 Ltr
RO Membrane 50 GPD
Ultra Filtration Membrane Min - 0.3kg/ & Max-3.0kg/**
Input Voltage 110-300V AC, 50 Hz
Operating Voltage 24V DC
Pump-Open Flow 100psi, 24V DC

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