Livpure Bolt+ Copper


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Product Description

Get healthy drinking water, free from all diseases with Livpure Bolt+ Copper (RO+UF) that purifies water from any source.

Highest Water Recovery
Livpure’s in-house HR70 Technology helps to save about 20,000L of water every year at input water TDS upto 1250 ppm.

Advanced Purification Method
Livpure’s seven stage purification is designed in a way to make sure that the water from any source is purified thoroughly before you consume it.

RO Membrane
Livpure Bolt+ Copper (RO+UF) comes with a Reverse Osmosis Membrane purifies water with up to a TDS level of 1500. It purifies tap water, ground water and also tanker water.

Copper 29 Cartridge
The Copper water filters adds the purity of copper which inturn helps you to boost immunity, improve cardiovascular health and support healthy and glowing skin.

Essential Minerals for Healthy Living
Livpure’s mineralizer adds minerals like magnesium, sodium, calcium and potassium that help in boosting the immunity and also help in enhancing the taste of the water. With the addition of mineralizer, the mineral enriched water has the following benefits:

Helps prevent cardiovascular diseases
Helps control blood pressure
Helps maintain strong bones
Helps regulate fluid balance

7-stage filtration
Livpure Bolt (RO+UF) comes with an advanced seven stage water purification process that provides you with clean and pure drinking water even from a hard water source. The water purifier comes with Super Sediment Filter, Carbon Block Filter, Anti-scalant Cartridge, RO Membrane-HR, Mineraliser, Copper 29 Cartridge, and UF Cartridge.

  • Purification Stages: Super Sediment Filter, Carbon Block Filter, Anti-scalant Cartridge, RO Membrane-HR, Mineraliser, Copper 29 Cartridge, UF Cartridge
  • No. of Stages: 7
  • Suitable for TDS levels: Upto 1,500 ppm
  • Suitable for Hardness levels: Upto 450 mg/L
  • Purification Capacity: Upto 15 L/Hr
  • Duty Cycle (Max): Upto 75 L/Day
  • Display: LED Indications
  • Body Material: ABS Food Grade Plastic
  • Mounting: Wall Mount
  • Water Dispensing Type: Ambient
  • Storage Tank Capacity: 7 L
  • Membrane Type: Thin Film Composite
  • UV Wattage: -
  • UF Membrane: 0.1 µm
  • Input Voltage: 140 - 300 V AC /50 Hz
  • Dimensions (mm): L 295 X W 275 X H 505
  • Net Weight (kgs): 7.4
  • HR Technology saves 87% Water at Input Water TDS up-to 1250 PPM
  • Purifies water from any source and can work up to TDS 1500 PPM
  • 7 Stage Advanced Purification
  • 7 Liters Storage Capacity
  • LED Indication-Power ON, Tank Full and Purification -in-Process
  • Copper 29 infuses goodness of natural copper into water
  • In tank UV Sterilization